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Predictive maintenance system

客户企业所在领域Plastic materials
厂房类型Production and processing of plastic materials
客户企业所在领域Plastic materials
厂房类型Production and processing of plastic materials


The Client needed a predictive maintenance system based on the monitoring of the level of vibration on electric motors and gearboxes installed on extrusion lines for the production of plastic film. The ultimate goal was to reduce or eliminate the plant stops caused by faults on component previously mentioned.


opus automazione carried out a campaign of measurements with a portable vibration analyzer, equipped with accelerometer sensor. In particular the following activities were performed:

  • Defining the limits of acceptability of vibrations according to the regulations and to the indications reported in the manual of the equipment.
  • Evaluation of the significant measurement points for the definition of the actual state of vibration.
  • Execution of the measurement campaign.
  • Evaluation of the state of each component and identification of the most critical components.


The project was completed with a Customer’s staff training both on the foundations of the vibration theory and the use of the portable vibration analyzer and relevant software.

In particular all the information about the acquired data interpretation was supplied to the Customer’s staff in order that he can periodically perform the activity by himself and define the most critical components and therefore schedule the relative replacements.