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Paper mill sampling system

客户企业所在领域Paper mill
厂房类型Paper production
客户企业所在领域Paper mill
厂房类型Paper production


The strong use of steam, necessary in the production process, requires the use of large boilers for the production thereof. The heating capacity, some tens of MW, makes mandatory the installation of the CEM. The measurements required by the law are: CO, NOX, O2, flow, temperature. The company asked to opus automazione to replace the old CEM which analyzed the fumes of a diesel steam generator. In parallel it had to be inserted a boiler fueled by natural gas, so the new CEM had to be able to analyze the fumes during operation with both diesel and natural gas.


opus automazione carried out the design and construction of the new paper mill sampling system.

The CEM is a Continuous Emission Monitoring System, made up of: sampling and transport system, sample gas treatment system, analyzers and physical measurements. opus automazione provide CEM according to customer needs and the specific national regulations.

The boiler can work with dual power supply, CH4 or diesel. the CEM and the DatiSME software (for more information on the software made by the company go to the page) automatically set the validation/correction/normalization of parameters, depending on the fuel.
The steam produced by this combined cycle, drives a turbine that feeds the national grid. The software records the parameters related to the production of electricity.

The project was completed with the commissioning and testing activities, and operator training.