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客户企业所在领域Glass Industry
厂房类型Glass production
客户企业所在领域Glass Industry
厂房类型Glass production


The client had to revamp the electric glassware oven. The intervention also included the installation of a new chimney and a new SME for the measurement of SO2, NO2, NO2, O2, dust, flow rate, temperature. The SME, with all the additional measures, had to be supervised by a SCADA compliant with European and Italian legislation.


Some difficulties emerged in the sampling system in glassware. The area near the chimney, intended for the installation of the SME, was classified as dangerous according to the ATEX regulation.
In compliance with the Ex II2GT6 standard, it became necessary to re-design and construct the entire continuous sampling system. 
This also required that all instruments installed on the chimney be selected in accordance with the Ex II2GT6 standard legislation. The analyzers were placed in a special shelter in pressurized electrical panels.
The gas emitted to the chimney had a SO3 component that could irreparably damage the analyzers comprised of gold measuring cells and quartz windows. To avoid this undesirable chemical reaction, a customized gas treatment system was designed and is currently in operation.
A data acquisition software (DatiSME),fully compliant with the regulations at three locations – room, environment manager and plant manager – has also been installed.
The project concluded with commissioning, testing and operator training activities.