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DatiSME Software compliant with current environmental legislation

Product description

DatiSME is the emission monitoring data management software developed internally by opus automazione engineers. It acquires and processes data coming from the monitoring systems and supervises the various users of the plant, responding to the following environmental regulations:

DatiSME is able to carry out the necessary processing of data it has acquired to provide a comparison between this data and that of the legal limits set out for the industry. It is equipped with a module for managing QAL2 and QAL3, according to the parameters set by  UNI EN 14181/2015.

Main features

  • Monitoring and supervision of the various system users
  • Acquisition of instantaneous measurements and their storage
  • Calculation of averages 10 minutes, half-hourly / hourly, daily and monthly and their archiving
  • Acquisition and archive of alarms
  • Standardization of the measurements with respect to oxygen, temperature, pressure and humidity with parameters required by law
  • Comparison with legal limits and counting overruns and invalid data
  • Module for managing QAL2 and QAL3 from UNI EN 14181
  • Module for reporting on instantaneous data, averages and parameter settings.