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19” RACK for NO / NOx, TOC analysis


The single-component analyzers, suitable for the continuous and discontinuous analysis of NO / NOX and TOC, are stackable and can be mounted on a 19” rack, equipped with wheels for ground handling.

The measurement principles for the analysis of the indicated parameters are:

  • Chemiluminescent method for NO / NOx
  • Flame Ionization Method (FID) for the TOC

The system is integrated with an H2 generator and a pure air generator.

The system is also complete with a two-stage dryer, filtering and suction apparatus of the sample gas equipped with integrated sample and vent flow meters and condensation alarm, with safety interlocks to the suction pump.

The rack, forming a complete NO/NOx and TOC analysis system, is integrated with a data acquisition system, consisting of:

  • Portable PC for data acquisition and processing
  • Software DatiSME for the acquisition, engineering, normalization, archiving and comparison of data within the limits of the law, in compliance with Legislative Decree 152/2006 and the Arpa / Ispra guidelines and QAL2 and QAL3 test execution tools from UNI EN 14181.