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This test bench has been designed and built to test, in lower temperature, the automotive oil pumps or vacuum pumps.


  • Single station, structure in carbon steel with bench size of 2300 mm x 1100 mm, height 2350 (indicative)
  • Cabinet support and rear engine cage
  • Modular steel platform (Fe360B) with leveling feet
  • Oil tank – size of 300 mm x 500 mm, depth 350 mm (indicative)
  • Aluminum base plan
  • Interface plates, 1 for compartment
  • Motor shaft group for testing pumps, including torque, speed, phase
  • Cabinet for motors drivers
  • Cabinet for control and regulation electronics
  • Vacuum capacity
  • Data acquisition system

The Cold Start Test Bench is equipped with a mechanical interface used to hook up a customer pump’s interface and an innovative climatic chamber which include a vertical sliding cover and an internal air cooled recirculating system.

The Panel pc is positioned on the arm and it can be moved by operator as he needs.

Two electrical cabinet (one for power equipment and one for electronics and controlling equipment) are positioned on the machine frame due to minimize electrical noise and interference on the acquired signals.