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Impulse Test Bench

Nome ProdottoImpulse Test Bench
SettoreDifesa e Banchi Prova

Project Description

The impulse test bench is designed and built to test flexible pipes of various shapes and sizes using fatigue stress, in accordance with the specifications of the major manufacturers and with the following standards:

  • Square wave impulse: ISO 6803 and SAE J343

  • Impulse with sinusoidal wave

  • Impulse with free wave programmable up to 30 points


Technical specifications: Hydraulic circuit to produce pressure profiles:

• Maximum test pressure: 300 bar

• Minimum test pressure: 1 bar

• Minimum impulse displacement: 18 cm3

• Maximum impulse displacement: 210 cm3

• Maximum oil temperature: + 180 ° C

• Minimum oil temperature: -40 ° C

• Maximum test frequency: 1.6Hz

• Minimum test frequency: 0.05Hz

Climate chamber to generate temperature profiles:

• Maximum temperature: + 180 ° C

• Minimum temperature: -40 ° C

• Maximum thermal gradient: 1K / min

Manifolds on which the pipes under test are installed:

• Number of pipes at the same time: 12

• Maximum bending radius: 350mm

Triple power supply:

• Electrical: 400V, 50Hz, three-phase (60kVA required)

• Hydraulics: industrial cooling water about 10m3 / h

• Pneumatics: compressed air at 6 bar

The bench is equipped with the following security devices:

• Inability to run the test with the door open

• Safety lock to prevent door opening when the system is under test

• Emergency buttons both on the bench and on the hydraulic central skid

• Automatic interruption of the test in case of breakage or leakage of the component or malfunction of the bench

CO2 extinguishing system in case of fire inside the chamber