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Banco Hydro Test

Hydro Test Bench

Project description

The bench was designed to test bits that perform different types of drilling (eg geothermal wells, oil wells etc.). Specifically, Hydro Test Bench is used to verify that the bits have been assembled correctly and that there are no leaks from the welds.

The interface where bits are inserted, can be changed to test more types of chisels.

The test bench is equipped with a data acquisition system and an interface software, enabling one to check the functions, memorize and recall test procedures, create alarm logs and trends.


  1. Carbon steel structure
  2. Test chamber with sliding guards;
  3. ± 360 ° rotating heads;
  4. Collection circuit with filter;
  5. Maximum test pressure: 300 bar;
  6. Test liquid tank, 50 liters;
  7. Software control system that can be installed on an external PC;
  8. Automatic or manual mode to perform the test