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Emission Analysis Cabinet

Product NameEmission Analysis Cabinet

Project Description

The analysis cabinet, containing exhaust emission analyzers, was designed and built by opus automazione for an important customer operating in the Oil & Gas sector.
The parameters analyzed are the following: CO, CO2, NOx, O2, TOC, SO2, NH3. The analyzers installed are all US-EPA certified.

  1. Technical specifications

The Analysis System consists of an analysis cabinet, equipped with panel conditioner, containing:

  • Electrical distribution
  • Nr. 6 analyzers for the analysis of parameters NH3, CO / CO2, NOx, O2, TOC, SO2
  • Nr. 1 ​​NO2 / NO converter in 19″ rack format
  • Nr. 1 ​​H2 generator in 19″ rack format
  • Nr. 1 ​​zero air generator in 19″ rack format
  • Nr. 1 ​​Gas cooler complete with peristaltic condensate discharge pumps
  • Nr. 1 ​​H2 detection sensor
  • Nr. 1 ​​internal suction pump
  • Nr. 1 ​​condensation sensor
  • 1 pneumatic circuit appropriately sized for the application (tubing, valves, necessary fittings)