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Horiba PG350 Analyzer


The device is capable of measuring up to 5 components (NOx/ SO2/CO/ CO2/O2). It uses the principle of absorption of infrared radiation (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide) –  chemiluminescence for nitrogen oxides and paramagnetic susceptibility (oxygen) for continuous measurements of emissions. The Horiba PG350 has an easy-to-read touch-screen display, equipped with an intuitive internal data logger, capable of storing the acquired values for long periods. The system allows data to be stored in CSV format, and is equipped with a removable memory. The analyzer is equipped with a self-diagnostic system. New compensations for the disruptions that arise due to the N2O and to the CO2, help to reduce the background noise in CO measurement.

Certifications and compliance

  • Compliance with EN 14181 – QAL1
  • Compliance with EN 14792, EN 15058, EN 14789

Technical features


Measurable components

NOx / SO2 / CO / CO2 / O2


Measurement fields

NOx: 0-25/50/100/250/500/1000/2500 ppm SO2: 0-50/100/200/500 ppm

CO: 0-60/100/200/500/1000 ppm CO2: 0-10/20/30%

O2: 0-10/25%


Measured value (3 or 4 digits), measuring range, sample gas flow, etc.


DC 4-20 mA (not isolated) / Ethernet

Heating time

30 min


SD memory card