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Horiba APDA-372 particulate analyzer


The APDA-372 particulate analyzer is specifically designed to measure indoor and outdoor air quality and provide continuous measurements of PM1, PM2.5, respirable fractions (PM4), thoracic fractions (PM10), inhalable fractions (TSP), the number of particles and, on request, the particle size distribution in 32 dimensional classes in the range of 0.18 – 18 µm.

The APDA-372 uses light scattering measurement technology and is equipped with a white LED light source that has a stable and long-lasting output. The system is also equipped with a filter holder for inserting an absolute filter (47 or 50 mm in diameter). This allows the user to perform gravimetric correlations or subsequent aerosol composition analysis on site. The APDA-372 is also equipped with sensors to measure environmental conditions, such as temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity.

Main features

  • Real-time measurement of multiple PM values both ​​in continuous and simultaneous ways
  • Additional information on particle number concentration
  • Temporal resolution adjustable from >1 second to 24 hours
  • Light source: high stability and long life LED
  • Low maintenance; possible to verify the calibration on site
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Reliability
  • No radioactive material
  • Reduction of operating expenses