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客户企业所在领域:Waste Management
客户企业所在领域:Waste Management


No specific problems. Routine control of the ARPAT (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Tuscany).


Sienambiente, is a long-standing customer of opus automazione: a Tuscan company that deals with waste management through recovery, recycling and disposal plants.

One of the most important plants managed by the company is the Foci waste-to-energy plant (Poggibonsi). This plant produces energy from non-reusable waste which has enabled the province of Siena to achieve self-sufficiency in its energy needs.

For several years now, opus automazione has been entrusted with the scheduled maintenance service of the gas analysis systems installed at the Sienambiente plant. This service includes scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities and the supply of consumables such as spare parts, gas mixtures, miscellaneous small parts etc.

The scheduled and preventive maintenance service of the fluid analysis systems, maximizes the efficiency of the systems and minimizes faults. The continuous maintenance of the emission monitoring systems satisfies the monitoring requirements as stipulated by the Environmental Consolidation Act.

A recent study conducted by Arpat (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Tuscany)at the Foci Waste-To-Energy Plant showed that effective management systems were in place at the plant. These systems comply with the emission limits set by the Continuos Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS).

The results of this inspection validate the integrity of the maintenance activity of the gas analysis systems. In addition, it also attests to the fact that the plant is fulfilling its obligations under current legislation.

The data collected by the plant emissions monitoring systems can be downloaded on the Sienambiente website.