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Head of Industrial IoT

Fabio Perna


    The fourth Industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), provides complete automation, digitalization and interconnectivity of industrial production.

    To obtain the advantages of the “Smart Factory” (optimization of production, cost reduction, preventive and predictive maintenance, etc.) it is necessary to digitize and acquire the data of the machines / equipment involved in industrial production (Industrial Internet of Things).

    opus automazione offers vast connectivity solutions for Industrial Supply Chain machines through software, hardware, wired and wireless solutions. Solutions are customized based on old or new models of the available machines and Network architectures and customer needs.

    The design, installation, configuration and commissioning are executed by the team of IT engineers who have extensive experience in the IoT field of the Oil & Gas, Aviation and Supply Chain sectors.

    IT Support

    The creation of Smart Factory was founded on the acquisition and constant flow of data from the sources involved in production.
    The statement “data is the new oil” is no exaggeration, as data plays a pivotal role in the functioning of Industry 4.0.

    The IT support team of opus automazione guarantees specialized technical assistance on the entire “FOG” chain (data storage, control and network functionality on the infrastructure), ensuring support on the data architecture, maintenance and upgrades.

    Responsabile Settore Industrial IoT

    Fabio Perna