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Head of Field Testing

Luca Pastorelli


    opus automazione performs vibration analysis and thermodynamic tests on plants in the Oil & Gas sector and other sectors. With the assistance of cutting edge technology, non-destructive controls and inspection tests , are carried out to verify the quality and integrity of industrial plants.

    According to the type of industrial plant and the critical nature of their need, Opus is also able to implement systems for predictive diagnostics (condition monitoring), to improve the production processes of its clients.

    Field Testing

    opus automazione conducts thermodynamic tests and vibration analysis on gas turbines, steam turbines, axial and centrifugal compressors, turbo-compressors and turbo-generator groups, installed on-shore and off-shore, in compression, extraction, gas storage, LNG plants (Liquefied Natural Gas), refineries, ethylene and derivatives plants, syngas and fertilizer production plants, simple or combined cycle energy production plants.
    With the help of cutting-edge technologies, Opus conducts non-destructive tests and inspection tests, aimed at preserving the quality and integrity of industrial plants.

    Our staff is qualified according to EN 4179 / NAS 410 and UNI EN ISO 9712.


    • Performance tests on rotating machines and auxiliary systems. Data processing is acquired with additional equipment and dedicated systems.
    • Verification test and definition of the anti-pumping control curves of the compressors.
    • Measurement of pressure and temperature for diagnostics and troubleshooting.


    • Acquisition and analysis of vibration signals with dedicated portable systems, connected to the machine probes or to additional probes such as no-contact, velocimeters, accelerometers.
    • Balancing of rotating machines (trim balance).
    • Diagnostics and troubleshooting.


    • Direct and indirect visual Testing
    • Tests with penetrating liquids
    • Magnetoscopic Testing
    • Eddy current Testing
    • Ultrasonic Testing
    • Thermovision
    • Material hardness Testing
    • Metallographic replicas


    opus automazione supplies Industrial IOT (industria 4.0) solutions (industry 4.0) to digitize factory processes and improve the control of production facilities.
    The company has acquired considerable expertise in the turbo-compression and turbo-generation plants of the Oil & Gas sector and in advanced manufacturing systems. The same diagnostics have extended into other industrial sectors such as the paper industry, plastic film production plants and the chemical industry.

    opus automazione implements systems for PREDICTIVE DIAGNOSTICS (condition monitoring) according to the type and requirements of the machine in order to:

    • Minimize downtime to increase the reliability of the production process
    • Improve the management of scheduled maintenance to reduce costs
    • Improve warehouse supply management

    The following services for diagnostic systems are also offered at the Customer’s site and remotely (Remote Monitoring):

    Design and implementation of IT solutions for the connection and transfer of machine data based on the IT architecture of the plant and the client’s cyber security requests.
    On site installation for the configuration and commissioning of acquisition systems.
    IT assistance for acquisition control and data transfer monitoring.
    Specialized support for operational configuration and tuning of the operating parameters of the plants under the monitoring service.
    Front line: real-time specialist service for the analysis and management of process alarms.
    Reporting: Execution of periodic reports relating to the analysis of the operation of the plant.

    InnTegra Software

    InnTegra software was birthed from the expertise opus automazione had developed in the field of remote diagnostics on rotating machines.
    Through utilizing the pre-installed equipment for process control and company management, the
    software is able to collect data from the plant and the company management systems. This is done to obtain the information that will provide a true reflection of plant performance regarding technology, production and maintenance.

    The InnTegra software makes maintenance efficient and optimizes resources as it:

    • Acquires data from the field in relation to a production plant
    • Monitors real operating conditions and machine performance over time
    • Creates rules and algorithms for the analysis of the acquired data, to generate alarms in the event of an anomaly or potentially dangerous situations for the plant
    • Creates and manages customized reports on the progress of the plant
    • Interfacing with the world of management and maintenance software.


    Head of Field Testing

    Luca Pastorelli