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Campagna Analisi Vibrazioni

Vibration analysis campaign

客户企业所在领域Oil & Gas
厂房类型Natural gas transportation and reinjection
客户企业所在领域Oil & Gas
厂房类型Natural gas transportation and reinjection


A campaign of vibration analyses was performed on three compressor trains, each consists of an electric motor, a gear box and a centrifugal compressor, during their start-up after overhaul activities. High vibration levels were detected on two centrifugal compressors and two gear boxes. These vibration levels were close to the alarm thresholds defined by the manufacturer to operate the compressor trains in safety conditions. In order to fix these rotordynamic issues, and avoid unexpected unit shut down, trim balance activities were performed on the compressor trains.


opus automazione carried out a campaign of measurements with a portable vibration analyzer connected to the vibration probes (no-contact and seismic) installed on the machines. In particular the following activities were performed:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the compressor train rotordynamic behavior during machines start-up after overhaul activities.
  • Detection of the critical components (compressors and gear boxes).
  • Definition of the balancing masses to be applied and relevant location on the coupling flanges between the components in order to reduce the component vibration levels.
  • Analysis of the train rotordynamic behaviors after balancing mass application and improvement of the same mass in terms of weight and position.
  • Final compressor train rotordynamic state evaluation.

The activities were carried out in collaboration with the Customer’s technicians. At the operation conclusion the train vibration levels were widely below the alarm levels for all trains. It this conditions it was possible to put the three compressor trains in normal production running in safety conditions.